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The 2022

Kennedy Center

American College

Theater Festival

Award Winning Performance

Innovative Theatrical Experience

Special Achievement Award

We believe in the unexplainable, and we explain the unbelievable. We believe in ghosts. This is not a game. Danger lurks around every corner... We unbury the truth for you.

Get ready to cross over into a whole new plane of performance with Ghost Unit The Live Event. 


Follow Charlotte, Gayev, Alfonzo, and Danny as they set out to document a haunted estate, right before your very eyes. Using green screen magic, puppets, and DIY tech, the team tries to dig up ghosts from the past. 


Inspired by Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard, attend this original hybrid theatre piece up close at one of our three green screen theaters or stream from the comfort of your own living room.


Join our brave team as they attempt to make contact with ghosts while battling inner desires. Will they succeed, or will they fail to communicate? 


GHOST Unit is created in partnership with the Southwestern University Sarofim School of Fine Arts and Grackle Jack Productions.