GHOST Unit boasts the most daring team of world class paranormal investigators. Together, they are the perfect combination of knowledgeable, intrepid, supernatural GENIUSES. 

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Paranormal Investigator, 
Head of Research,
Certified Paranormal Cinematography Expert

Renowned in the paranormal community, Charlotte is the team's fearless leader. She's a self-made success and handles even the most intense encounters with poise and grace.

Expert Psychometrist,
Bridge to the Past

Gayev possesses the special ability to ascertain the history of an object merely by touching it. Naturally, they are also the famed owner of their own antique shop, A Checkered Past. 

Professional Medium, 
Expert Paratechnologist

The inventive Alfonzo is the brains behind GHOST Unit's unrivaled detection and communication  
technology. He bravely forges the path towards the future of paranormal investigation.


GHOST Unit Intern, Nerve Center Manager

Danny holds down the fort at the team's Nerve Center, warding off digital dangers and dreaming of getting paid.